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Title: Earthborn

Series: The Earthborn

Book #: 1

Publisher: Quantum Edge Publishing

Published: Coming Late January 2018




Book 1 Of The Earthborn

Don’t discount those from Earth

Two years of freelancing in the galactic bounty system has taken its toll on Blake Brown, a four-hundred-plus-year-old vampire exiled from Earth. Along with his partner in crime, Seth Williams, Blake decides to call it quits. However, a new opportunity arises, one that comes from the highest authority of Fredoria, the home world of human refugees that were abducted from Earth.

Forming a team to rise to this new challenge is one hurdle. Figuring out how to capture and retrieve Delkis, a known criminal, is another. To make matters worse, Delkis has a powerful crime syndicate backing him.

Blake and crew will show the galactic community what an Earthborn team can do when given the resources to do it.

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