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Looks like there is a trailer for Vampire:The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2! I played the first one long ago and loved their vampire factions. As you might guess, I tend to write a bit about vampires and they are a part of the Evaranverse. I just hope this comes during some writing downtime!


A Thursday update! Facebook ate my last attempt to post this, not sure what was going on there!

- I hit 24k on Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn. Seth, Ada, and Daz are on Oleron, an Xibian controlled space station. I enjoyed writing about their observations on the place as they move through it. It's a ring station with many layers, and they're on the lower ones.

One particular fun passage deals with Ada's observation of several generation one androids running a store front, and those androids observing her. What I like about that passage is that it shows the interaction of two paths that androids took after the android reclassifcation event.

- I'm on chapter 19 on The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. It's going a bit slower since I've incorporated ProWriting Aid, but it has allowed me to condense what I would normally do in the third pass into to the second pass. I evaluated all the reports it offers,but only use two of them per scene.

The previous chapter was fun to review since it covered an alien assault force that Dr. Snowden and Emily had never encountered before. Dr. Bryson is in fully holy moly territory while Kess takes everything in. The chapter I'm reviewing now is one of my favorite types to write and involves two ancient and powerful entities coming face to face.

I'm making progress and feel good about where each book is at. I'm still on track to have The Unification ready for a professional edit by end of month, and Rogue's first draft should be done by early May.

I hope your week has been going well. Only one more day until the weekend!

Who's ready for season 3 of Stranger Things? Everytime I hear the theme song it reminds me of The Time Refugee, book 4 of the Evaran Chronicles, since I wrote it with the hour long remix playing in the background!


An early morning update to kick off the week!

- I hit 21.5k on Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn. I'm about halfway through the Duzuul's Crater situation, and it's been fun to write about Jala again. She seems to have a thing for Earthborn, especially one feisty Dr. Snowden, and meeting Seth has not quelled that desire!

The chapter I'm writing now is the beginning of the legend of the Crimson Duo, two individuals noted by thair armor and cape, and ability to cause havoc on those they deem worthy of their attention. Drodalians messing with Jala is one of those situations.

- I'm on chapter 16 of the second pass of The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. I've started using a tool called Prowriting Aid that helps me clean up a chapter. It has around 25 reports ranging from overused words to pronoun checks. It's a fancy tool, but it is helping me in getting it ready for edit. I love the repeated words check. It's much easier to see them when the tool highlights them for you!

This book is more lighthearted than The Cosmic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles, and so far, it has the feel that I look for.

- I've begun fleshing out the antagonist for book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles in more detail. She's quite powerful. Although she isn't as physically as powerful as Evaran at his current power level, she has abilities that make her difficult to deal with.

-Today is the first day of another promotion I'm in. this time, I have the Awakening, book 1 of the Evaran Chronicles in it. It may seem like I have been in a lot of promotions recently, but I always try to line them up with when my newsletter goes out, which a recent one did yesterday. Nonetheless, if you're interested in .99 books, check it ouit!


I hope everyone had a great weekend, and here's to having an awesome week!

As you know, I participate with my fellow SFF authors in promotions from time to time. I have The Arrival, the Evaran Chronicles prequel, in this promotion for free SFF books, and if you're interested in something to read, check it out! Also, who can resist that awesome promotional graphic!

Thursday update time!

- I've hit 19k on Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn. I enjoyed writing about Blake's situation. Seth, Ada, and Daz are visting Coris. For those who have read The Fredorian Destiny, book 2 of the Evaran Chronicles, you may remember that is where Evaran and crew went when looking to meet the information broker. Seth, Ada, and Daz will be visiting Duzuul's Crater, a wild place for sure!

- I'm on chapter 12 of the second pass for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. With Dr. Bryson traveling with the group, poor Emily is in dad-joke hell. It always amaze me when I'm going over a chapter and see that I missed some words. I guess when writing, I think it instead of writing it sometimes! Nonetheless, everything up to chapter 12 is much smoother!

- I haven't seen Captain Marvel yet, but it's on my list. For those who are eagerly awaiting Avengers: Endgame, a new trailer was dropped!


Update time!

- I finished reworking the last chapter I was on for Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn. I even got in an additional scene, and am sitting at 16.5k now. I really like the reworked chapter, and it flows much better now. It has a more sci-fi horror feel to it which is the intent for that chapter. The current chapter I'm writing is dark, and when Blake tells someone to mark a moment, they should probably reconsider whatever decision they've made!

- I finished the first pass for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. Everything is formatted and I have started the second pass. This is a full readthrough, and i find it helps to go through it in a different format.

I've already gone over one chapter, so 31 more to go. I'll do about two to three chapters a day. Everyone will find out more about those killer clowns that V mentioned in The Awakening, book 1 of th Evaran Chronicles!

- I have the Arrival, the Evaran Chronicles prequel, in a promotion of free books that runs from March 11-17. If you're looking for some free books by my fellow authors, check it out!


A small update this time!

- I've converted my Scrivener manuscript for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles, in to Microsoft Word. I'm on the first pass which deals with formatting things like the indent on first paragraph, chapter headers, scene breaks, ellipses, quotes, and the like.

I plan to be done with that pass by Sunday, then switch to the second pass which is a readthrough with a focus on paragraph shaping. That one will obviously take a bit longer, but these first two passes are critical.

- Although I hit 14.5k on Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn, I'm going to tweak the last chapter I wrote. All the players and events are right, but a better idea popped in my head when I was working on The Unification conversion.

I did take some time to go through and timestamp everything up to this point. With everyone flying around in condensed space, I had to line up travel times. I hope to have the rewrite of the last chapter, and a new one, done by this Sunday, and that will mark the first act done.

- No word yet from MIchael on audio, but when I do, I'll post on it here. I'm eager to get the second edition of The Awakening, book 1 of the Evaran Chronicles, into audio format so I can update the boxset, and then set the ebook to permafree. Then the Unification is next!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

I've finished the second Scrivener pass on The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles! It will now move to Microsoft Word where it will be formatted for edit. I'll do my usual passes over it in preparation for the editing phase.

As I went through the final chapters, I tweaked a few things to flow a bit smoother. It also gave me a chance to add in some things that either need clarification or enhance a development. In this particular instance, it was cosmological interactions.

This is a much more light-hearted adventure, although it has its moments! When I finish the second Scrivener pass of any book, I have that visual image in my head of how it looks overall, and this one is ready for the pre-editing stage. I hope to have it ready for a professional edit later this month, and then a release next month!

I realized when looking at my publish schedule that it's been a while since a new adventure! The second edition of The Awakening, book 1 of the Evaran Chronicles, took up a slot last year, and the Cosmiic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles, came out on August 22, 2018. There won't be any more second editions so everything will be back on track!

I've had a productive Sunday, and got back to writing and reviewing. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

- I've hit 13k on Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn. Blake is in a bad situation, but his wisecracking manner is still on full display. Sarah has her hands full and we see the return of the easygoing generation four android Daz from Rimworlds.

- I've hit chapter 30 on my second Scrivener pass on The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. Only three chapters left, then it's off to Microsoft Word land. I've smoothed out some of the sequences and ensured that the decisions the crew made make sense given the situation.

- Book 5 of the Earthborn will be the final one for the series, and it will be out later this year. That means I'll have a new series starting next year alongside the usual two Evaran Chronicle books per year.

My thought so far is a trilogy of some type. That allows me to do a series per year, and also cover a lot of the areas I want to do. Some of the storylines I want to cover are:

- A paragon who enforces the law in the outer areas of the human empire in AD 3100. The tie-in is from The Time Refugee, book 4 of the Evaran Chronicles. This would be a space opera series.

- The Wildhaven agent series, which is sort of like a mix between the X-files and the magicians. It would extend the setting on Earth after the Shadow Connection, book 6 of the Evaran Chronicles. Familiar characters such as Lord Vygon, Jake Melkins, and Mary EverOak would be in that one. This would be more of an urban fantasy series.

- The Shadow War on Aztoria. Aztoria was referenced in the Evaran Origin, book 5 of the Evaran Chronicles. I have massive amount of information on Aztoria since it was the setting of my CRPG. The closest thing to it would be something like Eberron from D&D. This would be an epic fantasy series.

- A riftgate series that follows adventures to parallel timelines. It would feature the Earthguard Evaran mentioned in The Shadow Connection, book 6 of the Evaran Chronicles. This would be a science fantasy series.

- I do want to do a hard sci-fi series at some point as well. that will probably take longer than most due to the amount of research and verification needed.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box!