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Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 15k on Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn. I enjoy writing what I call downtime chapters where it focuses on interactions between characters. In this case, it was Doc and Ada in one scene, and Seth, Kane, and Luke in another. Ada learns of "guy time" while Seth learns about "spiderfiring".

The next chapter deals with Hullios and Blake, Zane, and Kal venturing into the city of Zeeertalas. Kal, as usual, has a contact, but it's with the Toigarma Dizar merc group, which translates to "Quick Death". I love writing those type of interactions!

- I had initially reviewed 16/29 chapters of The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. However, ProWriting Aid decided to get wild and crash, and I lost chapter 16. Although I had autosave on, it seemed to have lost chapters 15 &16. Sigh. I redid chapter 15 today so I'm at 15/29. Nonethless, it's progress, but aggravating to lose time like that.

- While I watched my usual college football on Saturday, I took a stack of blank papers and sketched out the knowledgebase site. It will integrate into the exisitng website and be seamless.

I evaluated some tools that might make the process easier from a data perspective, but in the end, it was not as advanced as I needed it to be. I decided then to roll one myself, andthe tools I did look at gave me some ideas. I have a clear path to get this going, and once it's done, I can actually reuse the data part once I upgrade my website. I'm back to data modeling and writing an Application Programming Interface (API) and a front end to consume it!

I hope your weekend is going well. It seems like this year has flown by!

Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 12k on Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn. Blake had a great meeting with the broker, and the crew is on their way to Hullios, one of the most lawless rim world planets known to Blake. They have a big task ahead of them, and I love writing about merc worlds. There is a scene ahead where Blake is parkouring all over the city to accomplish something that I can't wait to get to!

- I reviewed 12/29 chapters of The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. Since Sunday, I've done 8 scenes, which is usually 4 chapters, but chapters 10 and 11 were 3 scenes each and took a while. I've had to doublecheck all the time traveling shenanigans the group is involved in since this book has more than the usual amount in it.

- While book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles wil focus on a nonhumanoid section of the universe, my tentative thought is that book 12 will focus on a parallel timeline where Evaran knows Dr. Snowden and Emily followed very different paths. The story is in sketch mode at the moment, but it will take form later this year.

I hope your week is going well!

Sunday Update Time!

- This one is a minor update. This darn real life thing reared its head and ate some time :( It doesn't help that Saturday is filled with college football taking away a day!

- I hit 9k on Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn. Blake and crew are back in Killikin, a favorite hotspot for mercs. Blake is about to have a nice chat with Sandas, the information broker, about...things. Evaran is explicitly mentioned in this scene.

- I reviewed 9/29 chapters of The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. I've had to make a few adjustments, and look forward to a full read through once I'm done with this pass.

I hope your weekend went well!

Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 7k on Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn. Now that the action heavy beginning has subsided, it's time for the crew to figure out what's going on. Everything is not what it seems, but at least Blake has the crew with him this time around at the start.

- I've reviewed 6/29 chapters of The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. By Sunday, I want to be at chapter 15, so I'll probably double down on this a bit over the next four days. It usually takes me about 1.5hours to do one chapter as I do two Prowriting Aid checks per scene, or about four per chapter.

I know it sounds odd to have so much editing on this pass, but the first draft is usualy a firehose of getting the story done. Now it's the cleanup phase!

- I haven't forgotten about doing a knowledge base/Wiki for the Evaranverse. I've been thinking about this a lot lately and have a better grasp of my options from a technical standpoint. I could design and build it myself which was my first option, but that does take some time.

The choice I think I'm going to do is use a robust knowledge capture tool to handle the data, then I can use their REST API to pull down information to the site, similar to how posts like this get pulled down to my web page. I'm still debaitng things, but once I pull the trigger, it should move fast.

I hope your week is going well! Two more days until the weekend!

Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 4k on Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn. One of the interesting things about this book relative to the others is that the usual opener of some action is 3 scenes instead of 1. I also had a chance to involve some of the lesser mentioned factions on Fredoria.

The cover for this is in October. I'mma also sneak in, if possible, the box set cover, and a slight retweak of Rogue to be made a paperback instead of just eBook. The idea is to that when Redemption launches, there'll be a boxset of the first three books I can use for promotion aka a .99 Bookbub. Since Earthborn is a 6 book series, I'll also update the back matter of each book to list out all the books since it will be a one time thing.

- I've reviewed 4/29 chapters of The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. As slow as this pass is, I do enjoy tweaking and refining each scene.

- The paperback for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles, is live finally! Amazon had some issue with the cover initially, but after V talked to them, they backed off.

- I'm in a Bookfunnel promotion that runs from September 7 to October 6, and I have The Arrival, the Evaran Chronicles prequel, in it. This promotion is about books with aliens, and as you might guess, there are more than a few in the Evaran Chronicles. Check it out if you're interested!


Friday Update Time!

-With the publish of Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn, done, I turn my focus to the next several projects! Google and Barnes & Noble did get my book up, and you can see those links on Rogue's webpage:


- I hit 2k on Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn. This one starts off with a big event. It's not a good sign when Zane is spinning up his hellthrower in the first chapter! It's good to be back writing in Blake's world!

I've played this book's ending, and the series one overall, several times now in my head. I know what it needs to be and I'm excited to write it, but sad at the same time as it is the series end. For those who have read The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles, you'll have a deeper understanding, but it's not required.

- I've reviewed 2/29 chapters for The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. I surprise myself sometimes when I'm in the early chapters, and catch something that isn't defined right. Nonetheless, that's what this second pass is all about. It's the slowest pass, but also the most detailed.

- I got my paperback proof copy for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. It looked good, so it is undergoing the final review by Amazon now. It should be available next week.

- From the planning perspective, I'm working on the outline for book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles, which I should start writing by the end of year. I also have the outline for the first book in the new series done, and will probably have the second and third books' outline done by end of year. The plan for 2020 is:

Books 11 & 12 ofThe Evaran Chronicles
Books 1, 2, 3 of the new series

Audiobook (assuming Michael's schedule allows it!):
Books 11 and 12 of the Evaran Chronicles
Prequel, books 1 & 2 of the Earthborn

Ok, back to the research lab with me!I hope you have a great weekend!

Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn, is live!


Underestimate Earthborn at your own peril.

The Exceltion crew has been tasked with finding Bothan, a presidential guard commander, and his crew. The problem is that Blake Brown is missing.

To make matters worse, the Saskarin-controlled Shulon fleet has abandoned their empire to protect the remote Jeezarus system. Not only does the Exceltion crew need to find out what’s going on there, but they also need to find Blake.

The crew will have to adapt to new roles to locate Bothan and Blake while dealing with the Saskarins. One thing is for sure: never underestimate Earthborn.

Webpage: http://www.adairhart.com/series/TheEarthborn/Rogue.aspx

Where to Get it

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XBVH1FM

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/rogue-97

Apple: https://books.apple.com/us/book/rogue/id1478827490

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/956900

Coming Soon:

Google: Uploaded, but they can take up to two weeks to go live
Nook: They're having technical issues with their publishing site aka they published it as Karen Hart and romance paperbacks. :O

Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn, has been submitted to all retailers! It will take the usual 2-5 days for it to be everywhere, with Google and Apple fighting over who can take the longest. I'll be updating my site here shortly with the official page and sample and of course the new release post when it's live!

A Minor Update!

I've converted Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn, into eBook format. I'm currently doing my final readthrough, testing links, and making sure everything looks good. I hope to be done by tomorrow, or Wednesday at the latest. I'm still amazed at what my proofreaders caught. +1 to them! I plan to begin uploading to all retailers by Thursday at the latest!

Sunday Update Time!

- I've moved The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles, into Microsoft Word and formatted it as well as a grammar/spelling pass. The next pass is the one that takes some time. I'll be using ProWriting aid on every scene, and expect this will take about a month.

Assuming everything lines up, it should go to my editor mid October, then release early November, with hopefully the audiobook before end of year.

- I got back one of the proofreads for Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn, and will have the other one tonight. I've already finished the revision for the first proofread, and will wrap it all up after I get the second one. I begin conversion to an eBook tomorrow, and hope to get it launched next week!

- As I gorged myself on college football all day yesterday, my mind drifted to book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles. Kess, from The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles, is one of the traveling companions much to Dr. Snowden's delight, and I've already determined who the second will be. From that came other ideas and I wrote them all down like a madman.

- I set up Scrivener for Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn! It's writing time!

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!