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Hubble has a new panoromic view out. It has 15,000 galaxies in it. That just fuels the imagination of all the stories and events taking place out there!


I finished the second pass of the second edition of The Awakening, book 1 of the Evaran Chronicles. I'm starting my final self-editing pass since it's only 4 days away until it goes to my editor!

A quick update to yesterday's update! Michael just dropped 19 chapters of audio files in ACX for The Human Factor, book 7 of the Evaran Chronciles. It's download time!

Time for an update!

- The Cosmic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles, was slated to begin proofreading on the 15th. However, Alexa, my proofreader, has started on it today, with an expectation of it being completed around the 16th. This means I may have an earlier launch than Aug 23-24. I'll know more by the end of the week. I also updated my page for this book with the blurb at:


There is a short story related to this that I had edited and proofed a while back, and it will be made available, although I have not determined how just yet. I'll update more on that as the launch date gets closer.

- Michael has mentioned that he will have roughly half of the audiobook files for The Human Factor, book 7 of the Evaran Chronicles,uploaded to ACX by this Wednesday. I will begin my proofing of them as soon as they come in. This is still on track for a September release.

- I'm just about done with my second major pass over the second edition of the Awakening, book 1 of the Evaran Chronicles. I plan to finish that by this Wednesday, then will let it sit for a day or two, and do my final pass before submission to my editor on Aug 20th, just a week away! This is on track for an October release.

- I'll be creating a boxset for books 4-6. The cover will be similar to the first box set, but instead of showing a portal that only travels inside a timeline, it will show the one used to travel outside the universe. I plan for this to be released somewhere around November.

- I hit 35k on Rimworlds, book 3 of the Earthborn. Things are heating up, and Seth .... isn't quite himself. Since the edit date is a bit aways, I have not moved as much as I would have liked on this, but it is still moving forward!

- It is a busy time, but this year has been busy in general. I was looking over everything, and at the end of 2018, I will have released 6 books, 4 audiobooks, and another box set this year. 2019 will be less busy with 5 books planned and whatever audiobooks are left on the Evaran Chronicles. Onward and forward!

While doing my final passes on the second edition of The Awakening, book 1 of the Evaran Chronicles, I've been getting in some scenes for Rimworlds, book 3 of the Earthborn.

The one I just wrapped up is the type of scene I particuarly enjoy. Two powerful beings coming face to face. In this case, it was Blake Brown, an ancient vampire, meeting a master Raskarian vampire. Although enemies on Earth, things are a bit different in Fredorian space. They have quite the discussion on Fredorian politics and current events!

Well, that was quick! I have back the second edit already for The Cosmic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles. I've noticed that the edit times have been going down (noticeable on the second edit), which could be that I'm more aware of potential issues when i write, so less to fix. I always try to submit the cleanest manuscript I can!

Proofread is on the 15th, in about a week, so I'll have it ready to go by then. That usually takes four to five days, then I will begin launch preparation. If everything lines up, I'm looking at a launch somewhere around August 23-24. That's not too far away!

I sent the first revision of The Cosmic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles, to my editor this morning! I'm guessing she will have it done by end of week or early next week. Then it's launch preparation time!

My focus now shifts to the second edition of The Awakening, book 1 of the Evaran Chronicles, which is due for first edit in two weeks, and of course, trying to do a scene a day for Rimworlds, book 3 of the Earthborn! I want to begin writing The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles, in September.

Well this is interesting ... PIcard is back!


I finished the second pass on the first revision for The Cosmic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles! I'm going to let it sit for a day, then do my final passes over it and plan to send it off to my editor for the second edit this next Tuesday on the 7th.

One of the things I really like about this book is it explains why Evaran is seeing cosmic interference, like the Hadryn spawn Overlord, in the plane. The Evaran Origin, book 5 of the Evaran Chronicles, covers quite a bit in terms of cosmology, and that is looked at a bit more in depth in this book.

On another note, although books 9 and 10 are a bit away, and I do have 9's outline being moved from high level to detail, I also have the beginnings for book 10's outline. It will focus on Evaran and crew hopping through time to Earth's historical events to determine why a lot of of CTUs, or Cascading Timeline Updates, hit the Torvatta in the future :)

Looks like the first 15 minutes are done (Intro, Prologue, Chapter 1) for the audiobook of The Human Factor, book 7 of the Evaran Chronicles! I approved it on ACX, and now Micahel's on to the rest of the book! I like what he did with Salazar's voice,