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Whew! Both proofreads are done for the Earthborn books, and they have been sent to the interior formatter, who makes my PDF and print copy. Once I get those back, I'll convert them into multiple formats, and begin uploading them to all retailers. ARCs will be sent at that time as well. It's getting closer!

I have my prequel in a promotion I do every now and then with other SFF authors on Instafreebie. If you want some books to read, other than mine of course, check it out!


Today was a productive day!

- I wrapped up the midpoint of book 2 of the Earthborn. I rewrote it several times, since it has a lot of moving parts, but in the end, it's been tweaked, and flows well, in my opinion of course! For those who remember the elite mercs known as the Covendrin from The Fredorian Destiny, book 2 of the Evaran Chronicles, you'll see them make an appearance in their golden armor with a red band on their right arm

- I've finished my first full pass on The Human Factor, book 7 of the Evaran Chronicles. It was interesting writing a battle between two AI's in a virtual environment. V is quite the code slinger! I'm a month out from the first editing pass due date.

Looking forward to this! The first season was great and covered a lot of topics.

I got back the proofread for Freelancing, the Earthborn prequel. Book 1 will be back in 3 days. I usually collect ARC requests around this time. I normally require a link to a previous review, but since this is a book 1, there would be none for this series. As such, I'm making it open. One thing to note is that this series is much grittier than the Evaran Chronicles. If you're interested, you can sign up below!


Freelancing will be free to newsletter subscribers, and also .99 on retailers for those who don't want to mess with newsletters. It will also be on Instafreebie and Bookfunnel.

There was a lot of news on ice on mars:


However, we know what awaits us in that ice!


I got a late email from ACX ... The Time Refugee, book 4 of the Evaran Chronicles, audio book has been released!

Audible: https://www.audible.com/pd/Sci-Fi-Fantasy/The-Time-Refugee-Audiobook/B078PNP1DN

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Time-Refugee-Evaran-Chronicles-Book/dp/B078PJYSG3

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/audiobook/the-time-refugee-the-evaran-chronicles-book-4-unabridged/id1333396806

I've updated my website with a dedicated page, moved it off the upcoming page,and updated the audio books page so it's now under published. The home page is also updated with it as a latest release.

I've updated the blurbs/description for both Earthborn books on my website.

Freelancing: http://www.adairhart.com/series/TheEarthborn/Freelancing.aspx

Earthborn: http://www.adairhart.com/series/TheEarthborn/Earthborn.aspx

I've also updated everywhere for the launch date. They've been sent to proofread, and my interior formatting is on the 18th. It usually takes me a day or two to go from there and get it on all retailers, and then a few more days for it to go through the different retailer systems. Almost there!

Some Updates!

- I'm about 27k into book 2 of the Earthborn. It's a deep dive into merc politics and shady organizations, and in the middle of it causing chaos is Blake Brown and his fellow Earthborn. Earthborn slang continues to amuse alien and Fredorian alike! There's also a Covendrin merc by the name of Yuldaris in this story. Eagle eye readers will remember him from The Fredorian Destiny, book 2 of the Evaran Chronicles. You also get to meet an Ogeerian warband. You may remember them being mentioned in The Arrival, The Evaran Chronicles prequel. They ate Jake's mom :(

- My Proofreader, Alexa, has agreed to move up my proofreading date from the 17th to the 10th. She said it will be about a week for both the prequel and book 1. Next step is to see if I can move up the interior formatting date!

- I'll be sending out a newsletter next week. I'm hoping that the audio book for The Time Refugee, book 4 of the Evaran Chronicles, is ready by then. I'm still trying to figure out with ACX why my audio box set is not on iTunes. They're "looking into it." Sigh. Ahh well. I'll also have the ARC sign up for the Earthborn books. I'll post more on that when the time gets closer.

- I'm halfway through my first pass in Microsoft Word for The Human Factor, book 7 of the Evaran Chronicles. It's interesting writing for Sandas, the information broker, since from his perspective, he came from four years prior to the events in The Awakening, book 1 of the Evaran Chronicles. His quirky and oddball behavior is a good contrast against the Evaran main group, and he is the first to shake his bushy tail and wiggle his snout when new information is available.

Everything is progressing as it should be!

I got back the second copy edit from Freelancing, the Earthborn prequel, and Earthborn, book 1 of the Earthborn. I'll begin working on them, and then it's off to see if I can readjust the proofread/interior formatting schedule. If everything goes right, these will be a mid to late January launch!