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Update time!

I've hit 84.5k on The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles, and caught up on my self-edit/chronology. The chapter I'm working on is a bit longer than I expected, but I'm on the last scene before Act 3!

I had a minor event that sort of ballooned when I realized it needed more background in order to make sense. Wutan Ambassador Jago with his beagle-like head is a hit with Evaran and crew, especially when shown a dog park on Earth in AD 2012. Although Ambassador Jago has only heard of cats, he is intrigued when he sees one.

- Rimworlds continues to be in Miranda's editing hands, and she is about 60% through that process. I'm looking forward to launching this one since it's a book 3, and it has been a while since Biogenesis, book 2 of the Earthborn, came out.

- I hit a personal milestone with audiobooks earlier this week. I passed the 2500 units sold mark. I don't normally talk about sales, but I do have some personal milestones. The last one was 1000, this one is 2500, the next one is 5000! It makes me excited to think that the voice of Evaran has reached so many.

A Small Sunday Update!

- I surpassed my 80k goal I had set for today for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles, and hit 82k instead! I'm one chapter shy of starting Act 3 now. Evaran and crew have a plan and it has been set in motion.

The group has expanded by one, so there are now three travelers outside Evaran and the gang, at least for a while. I've enjoyed writing about the Wutan empire, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

- My editor, Miranda, has been in contact with me to let me know she is chugging along with editing on Rimworlds, book 3 of the Earthborn! February is still the intended launch for Rimworlds.I feel like this book has been sitting forever, but it will be published soon!

A small update this time!

I didn't get as far as I would have liked the last few days on The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. This darn real life thing keeps rearing its head. Doesn't it know I have a book to write? I did hit 77.5K, and also was able to go back through the previous three chapters and self-edit/chronology stamp them.

Some scenes are written faster, but this last scene took some time to write since it is information dense and pulls heavily from the Evaranverse cosmology. When Professor Evaran raises his finger, it's probably important!

Dr. Bryson definitely appreciates it, although his eyes are popping open left and right at all that he is learning. He's still in awe that Dr. Snowden and Emily have traveled with Evaran and kept it a secret.

Nonetheless, the goal is to hit 80k by Sunday. As a comparison, the Fredorian Destiny, book 2 of the Evaran Chronicles, is roughly just a bit longer than that. I suspect this one will be closer to The Cosmic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles, at around 110k.

I hit 76k on The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. That is the halfway point between the book's mid point and Act 3, and it was fun to write. It was one of the more unique action segments that I have written, in that the environment is not conducive to standing around!

Evaran, Emily, and Kess have their hands full. The creatures they are dealing with make Cthulhu shudder! There is also a callback as well to those who have read The Arrival, the Evaran Chronicles prequel.

Nonethless, it is about three chapters shy of Act 3. At my current rate, I am expecting the first draft to be done by end of month.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the the first full week of 2019!

There is a .99 promotion going on for SFF books with the group I usually promote with. Although I'm not in this one, check it out if you want to see what my fellow SFF authors have to offer!


Update time!

- I've hit 71.5k on The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. I reworked the antagonists a bit, in terms of technology and look and feel. While what they are doing has not changed, how they are doing it has slightly. It was an easy change though!

I discovered that although I outline everything to a T initially, I leave each chapter and scene with just a sentence of what's going on, who's involved, and what it contributes to the story, which sometimes changes when I begin to write the chapter/scenes. That's a now a normal process for me, and I think keeping things higher level initially allows for flexibilty to adjust, like say, the antagonists in The Unification :)

- Rimworlds, book 3 of the Earthborn, is in Miranda's editing hands, so hopefully I can look forward to getting it back somewhere near the end of the month. it'll be be busy time once I do get it back!

- The next audiobook will be the second edition of The Awakening, book 1 of the Evaran Chronicles. The audio box set will also be updated with that, and I've already contacted ACX about the process of updating an audiobook. It's a lengthy process, but once that's done, then the audio side will be fully in sync with the eBook side. After that audiobook, The Unification will come next.

A good start to the year with lots to come!

Happy New Year to everyone!

To ring in the new year, I updated my website with the page for the audiobook for the Cosmic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles. I also cleaned up some dates and links and the home page now shows the latest audiobook, Evaran Chronicles book, and Earthborn book.


Looks like Audible slipped this in the last few hours before the New Year!

The audiobook for the Cosmic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles, is now live! I'll update the site over the week with links and the like, but here is the Audible link:


I hope everyone is having a great New Year's Eve!

A Sunday update!

- I've hit 69.5k on The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. I'm approaching the halfway point between the midpoint and Act 3. The earlier moving around of events has now come into focus, and these last few chapters came together much better than I expected from my initial outline.

Evaran and crew are on their way to meet with the Wutan empire. Now the only issue is to stop Emily from wanting to hug their puppy-like babies!

- I'm still going over the final pass of Rimworlds, book 3 of the Earthborn. It goes to Miranda next Wednesday!

- The audiobook for The Cosmic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles, is still in the "Headed to Retail" phase. Sigh. It was submitted on the 20th, so hopefully it's out next week!

- The new year is coming, but this year has been busy! The following was released this year:

- eBook - Second edition of The Awakening, book 1 of the Evaran Chronicles

- eBook - The Human Factor, book 7 of the Evaran Chronicles

- eBook - The Cosmic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles

- eBook - The Evaran Chronicles Box Set: Books 4-6

- eBook - Freelancing, Earthborn prequel

- eBook - Earthborn, book 1 of the Earthborn

- eBook - Biogenesis, book 2 of the Earthborn

- Audiobook - The Time Refugee, book 4 of the Evaran Chronicles

- Audiobook - The Evaran Origin, book 5 of the Evaran Chronicles

- Audiobook - The Shadow Connection, book 6 of the Evaran Chronicles

- Audiobook - The Human Factor, book 7 of the Evaran Chronicles

Next year won't be quite as productive, but it will still have quite a few releases!

I saw that they had season 3 of The Magicians on Netflix finally, and I'm almost done watching it: Season 4 comes January 23, so just in time!

Although it is somewhat campy, one thing I enjoy watching is the magic system and its implementation. Also the interaction between various factions is quite interesting! I haven't read the books, but the Netflix series shows a lot of imagination.

The Evaranverse has its own implementation of magic, something I defined alongside the cosmology long ago. To Evaran, it's just another cosmological system with its own sets of rules, and he wouldn't refer to it as magic, although practitioners would. That's actually discussed in The Evaran Origin, book 5 of the Evaran Chronicles.

At some point in the future, Aztoria, a plane mentioned by Evaran in The Evaran Origin, will have a series on it. I actually have more stories/characters/research in that than I do The Evaran Chronicles. That will be a high fantasy series with a detailed magic implementation.

Below is a picture done for my game set in the Aztorian plane from long ago. It shows a sample of the Saraxians with their magerium infused armor and spells:

Nonetheless, if you haven't seen The Magicians, it's on Netflix!