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Latest Release: May 16, 2017


Book 5 of the Evaran Chronicles

Thoughts can take on physical form.

Dr. Albert Snowden and his niece, Emily, never thought they would be able to travel through space and time. Or out of the timeline. Or out of the universe. Or even out of the plane that houses universes.

Yet that is where they find themselves while exploring the origin of Evaran, the mysterious being who rescued them from an alien abduction six months ago. Having to deal with the fact that they are part of a time loop that has not yet been fulfilled is one issue. Learning of another version of Evaran who needs their help in a parallel universe is an additional problem.

Hampering their efforts along the way are the Time Wardens, a hideously intelligent race from the timeline void, who relentlessly hunt any time traveler. Evaran and crew, along with new allies, will try to help the other Evaran while dealing with the Time Wardens and other threats.

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The Shadow Connection, book 6 of the Evaran Chronicles, is in copyedit

Phase: Copyedit Phase 1

The Earthborn is my second series. It is a dark space opera and follows a group of freelancers. It takes place shortly after book 2 of the Evaran Chronicles and in that setting. It is slated for a release later in 2017. The first draft of the prequel has been completed, and I am nearing completion on the first draft for book 1.

Phase: Book 1 First Draft



The Evaran Chronicles is a science fiction series that follows the adventures of the traveler Evaran. He travels through space, time, and other realities via his ship: the Torvatta. Accompanying him is his trusty flying orb named V. Evaran also travels with humans, such as Dr. Albert Snowden and his niece, Emily, and Jake Melkins. Themes explored include time travel, space exploration, parallel worlds, the multiverse, the planeverse, dimensional realms, aliens, alternate history, technology, non-humans on Earth and beyond, and what-if scenarios.

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The Arrival


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The Awakening

Book 1

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The Fredorian Destiny

Book 2

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The Purification

Book 3

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The Time Refugee

Book 4

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The Evaran Origin

Book 5

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Books 1-3

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