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Released on: October 7, 2017


Book 6 of the Evaran Chronicles

Dr. Albert Snowden and his niece, Emily, are back on Earth after six months of traveling through space, time, and beyond with Evaran, the mysterious stranger who rescued them from an alien abduction. They were expecting to get some peace and quiet after the hectic nature of some of their previous adventures. However, things get complicated when Evaran’s ship, the Torvatta, is stolen.

To make matters worse, Dr. Snowden has to deal with the near-death experience from a recent event. He and Emily must also adjust to the new side effects of their nanobots, which were enhanced prior to going back to Earth. As they look for the Torvatta, they must also deal with a rogue faction of the Helians, the group that represents Earth from a galactic perspective.

Evaran will call upon old and new friends within the nonhuman world to deal with the defected Helian sect. What they find drags Evaran and his new allies deeper into a global event that has timeline implications.

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